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Welcome to our online boat names site, where you can design and order your vinyl boat name graphic easily and quickly.

Wildboatnames been branding boats since 1994…geez, thats nearly 20 yrs! Actually the very first boat name we made was in hammerite paint. You’ll be glad to know we’ve moved on a bit since then and now prefer to use the highest marine grade vinyl available. We’ve been around long enough to know that ‘only the best is good enough’ and currently cut over 1000 vinyl boat names a year. It’s what we do and what we love doing! When we’re not sticking decals on boats, we’re playing on them.

Boat names are available for vessels big and small all over the world, including model yachts, dinghies, racing yachts, mega-yachts and all sizes of motor boats.

You may also want to kit your crew out with customised T-shirts, SSR number, horseshoe sticker or even a stripe for your boat.

If you have any questions that our FAQ’s don’t answer or would simply like to discuss other services, our team are only too happy to help. And don’t be afraid to give us your opinion – we always value your feedback, good or bad…it helps us do more of what you like and change what you don’t!

Please do send us your photos of your boatnames so we can add them onto our gallery and you may well get a freebie back in the post!

Have fun and go Wild!
Wild Boat Names team