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Design your Horseshoe or Life Ring lettering

Putting your Boat Name on your Horseshoe is a good idea, and a requirement of some Yacht Racing Organisers.

We would suggest using Simple Bold font for your Horseshoe or Life Ring, because script fonts are difficult to read when curved and are also difficult to apply.
We have fixed the height of Lettering at 75mm as this is the best size, and would suggest using CAPITAL letters.

As with all our vinyl products on this site, we only use the highest grade marine vinyl.

Your Horseshoe lettering will be supplied on an application layer so it is easy to apply yourself using the Application instructions supplied.
Note: Because the shape and size Horseshoe’s and Life Rings vary, we supply the lettering straight with slits between each letter, so that you can curve it to fit your horseshoe or life ring. It also means we can fit the lettering into an envelope and so keep costs down for you.

Please also see below if you wish to design your own Boat name , T-shirt, SSR number, or order a stripe for your boat.

If you have any questions that our FAQ’s don’t answer or would simply like to discuss other services, our team are only too happy to help.

Let us know if it would be handy if we supplied the horseshoe too, if enough people ask we might do it!

The Wild Boat Names Team