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Stripe Instructions

Striping is a skill and is best done if you are relaxed, Most people will try to fit striping in small sections and this usually results in ‘kinky stripes’!
The trick with applying a stripe is to apply long pieces at a time, about 2 metres at a time in a smooth motion.

Below is a 1,2,3 of how to do it, and a video.

Your stripe is supplied on a 25m roll.

1. Using a pencil or bits of masking tape, mark where you want the stripe to be every half a metre.
2. Cut off the length stripe you need (plus approx half a metre)
3. Start at one end about 100mm past where you want the stripe to start by pressing 20mm of the stripe onto the boat.
4. Peel back approx 1.5m of the stripe and lay it down in one smooth motion.
5. Using a credit card, ‘squeegee’ the stripe onto the boat.
6. Use a sharp pin or sharp stanley blade to ‘prick’ any bubbles in the vinyl.
7. Continue step 4 until you have striped the length of the hull.
8. Trim the ends of your stripe carefully, with a very sharp stanley blade or art knife.

Another, thing.. wide stripes – over 75mm, could be applied using soapy water. To do this add a few drops of Fairy liquid to a litre of water and mix. Then wet the sticky side of the stripe before applying it to the boat. This means you will have several chances of getting the stripe straight.